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:: Body Treatment


Your body will be exfoliating with Algologie Seaweed Line to smooth and revitalized the skin. Relaxing with steam towel therapy and stimulate circulation massage by luxurious hydrate.




Regenetrating Spa Escape

Sun dried Sea Salt and Luxurious Essential Oil Scrub (30 mins)
Aromatherapy Body & Scalp Massage (1 hour 30 minutes)
Leaving feeling rejuvenated and stress free







Platinum Energy Brush for Lymphatic Drainage/Anti-Cellulite/Reshaping
With the use of Bio-Ultimate Platinum Energy Brush Treatment, it deeply encourage lymphatic drainage, detoxification and firm up the body shape.







Platinum Touch Hand Renewal
With the use of Bio-Ultimate Platinum and quality serum and hand mask, this luxury hand spa treatment to leave the hands rejuvenated and refreshed with a renewed softness and younger-looking glow.






Spa Full Body Wrap
This sumptuous rich body wrap is the perfect indulgence to nurture and silky soften skin.







Ear Candling
Use high quality and safe ear candle to purify your ear canals and encourage facial lymphatic drainage.




Oriental Head Massage

A therapeutic head massage to target tension headaches and alleviate stress.
The deeply nourishing and conditioning scalp treatment to moisturise and hydrate the scalp.






Eyelash Curling

Japanese eyelash curling system enhancing your eyelashes and your face giving an 'open eyed' look.


















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